sexta-feira, maio 25, 2007

Lonely Day

Here is a slideshow, made with Soundslides which is a really easy and cheap program to make multimedia slideshows, after I made the slideshow I converted it with the same program to a Quicktime movie and uploaded in the web site where you can create a free account and upload your videos. Then I just simply copied the Html code to my post and here it is.

Today I went downtown in Copenhagen and I meet Niels, a poor old man that spends is days with his Dog "Steven" in the streets of Copenhagen. First I started speaking with Niels in my few words in Danish but then he told me I could speak English with him and his English was really good.
He told me he is not a homeless but he didn't want to talk much about him. He also told me that is female Dog "Steven" is eight years old but he bought it just tree years ago, he decided to buy it because the previous owner treat this dog really bad and even hit him a lot. It seams to me that Niels and is Dog both have had difficult times but now they "found" each other and they seem really good friends.

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