sábado, dezembro 23, 2006

Street Sales

In New York you can find everything selling on the streets from Gucci handbags to Rolex Watches, after a day walking in Manhattan, I found this guy selling expensive coats for just twenty dollars, people where crazy, specially women jumping and trying hard to get to the coats because they were selling really fast. Again I recorded the sounds wile I was making the photos. I think you can feel more the scene and almost be there.

©2006 Miguel A Lopes

quinta-feira, dezembro 21, 2006

The Trompet Friends

This is my first slideshow project with sounds recorded during the time I was taking photos. I meet Peter and Sam during december this year in New York at Columbus Circle where they play really nice Christmas songs with they're trompete and trombone.
Enjoy it!!

©2006 Miguel A Lopes

segunda-feira, dezembro 04, 2006

"Jura" and Giles

Jura and Giles, two friends I meet here in Denmark, they are both foreigners and they both work delivering newspapers in the streets of Copenhagen. "Jura" is from Brazil and Giles is from England.
I’m covering they’re personal stories of life with pictures and sound recording but I’m still working on it but here are some photos.

© Miguel A. Lopes © Miguel A. Lopes


© Miguel A. Lopes © Miguel A. Lopes