quinta-feira, maio 31, 2007

My hunt Maria "mamazita"

Well, I'm back to Portugal, ready to start my new job at Lusa News Agency that is part of EPA European Press Agency.
This few days before starting the job I haven't been shooting anything, I'm a bit busy solving things and visiting family and friends.
Yesterday I went to see my hunt Maria, her husband just died a few days ago, they were married for 60 years. She is very sad but still she manage to pull out her nice smile when saying good bye to me.

© Miguel A. Lopes
© Miguel A. Lopes

domingo, maio 27, 2007

Danish Carnival

Photos form the Danish Street Carnival, it was a rainy and a bit cold day but even so the danish girls were dressed like the girls do it in the Brazilian Carnival. It was nice to see they're happiness and energy, and most of them were good dancing samba.
My camera and lens is sealed but I prefer not taking risks with rain so I improvised a rain cover for it. I had a plastic bag so I just wrap it around the camera and went to a store to ask for a bit of tape ( you should have always in your camera bag a roll of tape) to old the plastic bag to my camera. I was a bit wet but my Canon was perfect and made some good shoots.

© Miguel A. Lopes
© Miguel A. Lopes
© Miguel A. Lopes
© Miguel A. Lopes

sexta-feira, maio 25, 2007

Lonely Day

Here is a slideshow, made with Soundslides which is a really easy and cheap program to make multimedia slideshows, after I made the slideshow I converted it with the same program to a Quicktime movie and uploaded in the web site blip.tv where you can create a free account and upload your videos. Then I just simply copied the Html code to my post and here it is.

Today I went downtown in Copenhagen and I meet Niels, a poor old man that spends is days with his Dog "Steven" in the streets of Copenhagen. First I started speaking with Niels in my few words in Danish but then he told me I could speak English with him and his English was really good.
He told me he is not a homeless but he didn't want to talk much about him. He also told me that is female Dog "Steven" is eight years old but he bought it just tree years ago, he decided to buy it because the previous owner treat this dog really bad and even hit him a lot. It seams to me that Niels and is Dog both have had difficult times but now they "found" each other and they seem really good friends.

quinta-feira, maio 24, 2007

New Blog Layout and content!!!

Hi everyone today my Blog is turning in a different direction from what as been until now.
I am a self learner photographer with a passion for photojournalism and most of what I know and learn of photography every day is from searching in the internet, reading books of photography, talking to other photographers, reading photo magazines, participating in web forums and galleries, etc.
From now on I want to make available this tools and information for photographers and for all interested in photography.
Primarily this information and tools will come by the form of links leading to other blogs and web sites of photography tips, photographers home pages, photoshop sites, etc.
I will be posting links that lead to tips and information about photography, photojournalism, multimedia photojournalism, photoshop tutorials, contests, general news, cameras, basically all I think that can help you to be a better photographer.
Also I will be posting photos I take in my daily assignments and I will analyze the photo and tell you why I use this or that camera and lenses or explain in which context was taken, please feel free to post comments about it, that's also a very nice way to learn.
I will start by showing you this photo. In this is a self portrait, I used a Canon EOS 1D Mark II N with the Canon lens 24-70L 2.8
There are two interesting things in this photo, the first one is that the sun is behind me but my face and body is filled with light, this light came from using the Canon Flash 580EX triggered by the Canon wireless transmitter ST-E2( yes I am a Canon freak, maybe one day Canon will sponsor me).
I start using more this technique since I found the Blog Strobist in this blog you will find all you need to know about this technique and quoting them "At Strobist, our goal is to promote more effective use of small, shoe-mount flashes. To teach you to use your small strobe to get results like the professionals get."
The second thing interesting is that it looks like I am holding that yellow tape with both arms and stretching it but no I was holding the flash with the right hand and in the left hand I was holding my camera, the yellow tape saying "CRIME SCENE" was made in photoshop!!!
You can learn how to do it by checking the web site Planet Photoshop and look for the video called "Follow the Evidence". Also you can check the other videos, they have really cool stuff to learn.
Well it's all for today Hope you enjoy the tips see you next time
©Miguel A. Lopes