quinta-feira, fevereiro 28, 2008

Last post in english

This is my last post in English in this blog for now. When I started this blog I was living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and because I have a lot of foreign friends form other countries I lived, I decided to write in English so they could follow my path in photojournalism. I'm now living in Portugal and working here as photojournalist and most of the assignments and news are from Portugal, so I decided to turn into my own country and people and publish in Portuguese. It doesn't mean I will just publish in Portuguese but most of the things I will. I normally don't write too much because I want my photographs to transmit the messages and news, but I feel the need to write and develop my written skills so for now this is what I will do. Forgive me my foreign friends, but don't be mad, if you want any of my posts in Portuguese translated just drop me an Email and I will be glad to write you back in English.
This is my life road....

©Miguel A. Lopes

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luis ruivo disse...

Or you can also use any glooged translator site.

ps: Migugu, great works.
Keep scoring