terça-feira, janeiro 15, 2008


During these days I have been going through all my archive of 2007, organizing, cleaning and recovering some photographs and in July last year during a meeting of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union in Guimaraes, there was a major protest, that gather more than ten thousand protesters from all over the country, against the politic decisions on implementing the Flexi-Security working system in Portugal.
I was shooting the meeting and I was not schedule to shoot this event but because I didn’t have anything to shoot until late, I went outside of the facilities and took my camera and voice recorder.
I remember that it was one of the hottest days of this summer, people were making a lot of noise but with order, the police mount a security perimeter around the facilities and no disorders were register. I melt in to the crowd and start shooting and at the same time recording the sounds with my voice recorder hanged on my neck.
I mount this sound slides at that time but I didn’t know how to put it online, so it was waiting in my archive “collecting some dust”. I just learn it last week!!!
I know it is not an hot or fresh news but I want to show it. Enjoy it HERE

©Miguel A.Lopes

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