quinta-feira, setembro 13, 2007

Traffic Jam? No stress!!!

Are you in a traffic Jam and Stressed? Well if you are there are two things that will light your mood. The iPod and a camera. Today going to the job, and I was already late, there was some constructions going on in the highway and the traffic was completely Jammed. I was already listening my music, but because I wasn't moving I grab my camera and toke some photos. A nice thing to see is the other people faces and moods and try to photograph them, I like to imagine where are those people going, what are they thinking, if they are thinking in a excuse to give to they're boss, if are they in stress, etc etc.
Two more things, don't forget to keep your attention to the road and try not to stress about the fact that you're trapped in the traffic because that won't help the cars move faster and is not good to your health so just enjoy the moment!!!

©Miguel A. Lopes

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