quarta-feira, agosto 01, 2007

New ways of see Lanscapes

When we think of landscapes we normally imagine those beautiful photos on the postcards or amazing places that we already visit during our life.
In this process we tend to forget that man has stamped his mark upon it and that no matter how virgin is the place in front of our eyes we are or were there and that in that place there is man interaction, whether by direct action like urbanization, deforestation, leisure parks, electrical lines, roads, etc or by consequences of indirect actions like global warming that are gradually changing this landscapes. I personally like to see beautiful photos like those in postcards with amazingly beautiful places but I find them a bit boring.
I am now searching on my archives for photos where I capture a landscape or a cityscape with human interaction on that particular moment. I try on this photographs to express this symbioses where I want to put together the landscape or cityscape and the people who are enjoying it or that are part of it.
This will by a long term project where I will by publishing old photos and new ones.
The first one you can see a man and The Statue of Liberty, one of most touristic places in New York, it was taken in December 2006 in a beautiful but cold day when I went to do the touristic ferry boat trip around Manhattan.
Enjoy it.

©Miguel A. Lopes

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