quinta-feira, julho 05, 2007

Super Bock Super Rock

This is the only photo I made of The Super Bock Super Rock Music Festival last week. I had to go make some photos to this Festival where Metallica were the main Band. I wanted to make some photos not only to the bands but also to the people and mood inside but as I was walking in the Festival a woman from the organization came to me and said that I had to put my camera on a box or I had to leave the festival, I ask the woman why, and she said that those were the rules. I know that normally we only can take photos to the bands on the first songs, but in other festivals we can walk around and do photos not to the bands but to the crowds and the other things in the festival. I ask to see what kind of box it was and she showed me one big box with at least 20 photo bags inside, and they all look alike, and a bunch of cameras like mine, all packed on top of each other without any security or organization. Because my material is very expensive and I find this situation unacceptable in terms of professionalism, I decided not to put my cameras there.
So I had to leave the concert and that woman made sure I really leave it.
I called my photo editor from the agency and told him this situation, and we agreed with my decision.
I went home to leave my cameras and photo gear and went again just to see Metallica, it was a great concert but all the organization of the festival really "sucked".
Next time I will just take a pocket camera, hide my press credential and do as all the crowd do, make photos during all the concert without any problem.

© Miguel A. Lopes

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