terça-feira, junho 05, 2007

Portuguese Campaign to Presidency of Lisbon City Hall

Photos from some of the candidates running to the presidency of Lisbon City Hall. They are still one and half month from the elections but all of them started already the pre campaign.

Helena Roseta in a good pose

Boat ride on Tagus River with the independent candidate Helena Roseta talking about Lisbon

Funny moment between candidate Ruben de Carvalho and the actor Canto e Castro

First unofficial meeting between two rival candidates Ruben Carvalho from CDU and Fernando Negrão from PSD

Ruben de Carvalho at Parque Mayer abandon theaters

Fontão de Carvalho, Carmona Rodrigues e Ruy de Carvalho after delivering the campaign lists

Carmona Rodrigues Independent candidate and the actor Ruy de Carvalho speaking to the reporters

Pedro Quartim from MPT after delivering the campaign lists

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