quarta-feira, abril 04, 2007


I have been photographing planes for a wile, a couple a years ago and when I got my first zoom lens I use to go with some friends to the fence of the airport in Lisbon and we would stay there chatting and taking photos to the different planes, I use to call my self a "plane spotter" but some of my friends are completely fanatic about planes. I like the atmosphere and the symbolism that planes represent to me, I have been traveling to a lot of different countries and most of the time by plane.
Last Sunday I went to Lisbon and I pass in the airport to see if I would find some of my friends. I didn't saw any of them but I did take some photos. I was positioned in the end of the runway and the sun was in front of me so I visualize a dramatic photo, I wanted to catch the plane right between me and the Sun. I wanted to just see the silhouette of the plane against the sun and get the warm color of the sun. I took some photos but unfortunately I didn't had the chance to get a plane right in the middle of the sun. This one was the best one.

© Miguel A. Lopes

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