domingo, março 18, 2007

30 years!!!

Today is my 30th birthday, my body is getting old but I still feel myself very young!!!
A couple a weeks ago I learned to ski and I felt like a sixteen years old boy, after three days I was already going crazy on the ski tracks, of course I felt down on a red one and my neck still hurt today!!!
My mind is full of projects for the future and I will achieve them!!!
I am following my father footsteps in Journalism, except he is a Film Critic and I am a photographer.
My portrait was taken by my father.

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Parabéns Miguel, que usufruas de tudo aquilo que mais gostas e desejas na vida.
Beijos da tua sempre Amiga Sónia Casimiro :)

Dino disse...

Congrats, Miguel! Hope you have a wonderful time in portugal :)

-- christianito